AL Nahda Furniture

Al-Nahda Furniture was founded 30 years ago. AL-NAHAD FURNITURE is a specialized company in field of importation of furniture, and carpets. Al-Nahda Furniture was founded as a response of economic growth witnessed by kingdom of Saudi Arabia which born the need to meet clients requirements such as rooms, accessories and couches in addition to several products through unique system used for the first time in the region depends on allocating separate floor for each activity as follows:

- A floor for imported rooms, national rooms and medical mattresses

- A floor for antiques, entrances and industrial forestation

- A floor for couches, sittings, curtains and office furniture

Our showrooms offer special services including tailor-made manufacturing through AL-Yamama factory for furniture and AL-Nahda industrial complex to complete other activities to meet clients’ needs and requirements.

 AL-Nahda furniture showroom offers competitive prices suitable for our clients’ needs and requirements. we introduce bedrooms, couches , chairs , curtains ,mattress, and bed sheets.


Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – Hail- in King Abdul Aziz Road in front of Al Ahli poly clinic.

Tel: 0096665322020